Karma School’s Uniform policy

Karama Uniform

It is a Northern Territory Department of Education policy  that all students in public schools wear a UNIFORM. They give students a sense of identity and belonging at the school.

The uniform is available for purchase at the front office, and consists of the following items:

  1. School uniform polo shirt
  2. Shorts and/or skorts (plain black)
  3. Bucket hats (available in house colours)
  4. Covered shoe


Students without a hat or who are wearing inappropriate footwear (i.e. thongs) will be unable to play during recess and lunch times.

On special occasions where students are representing Karama School (e.g. excursions, school photos, representative trips [i.e. school sport] students are required to wear the full school uniform.

 The School’s HOUSE TEAMS are named after four local snakes.

Their names and colours are:

Whips      Mulgas      Pythons    Taipans