Enrolment Policy & Procedure

Working in partnership with students and parents/caregivers.



Working in partnership with students and parents/caregivers.

  • Enrolment decisions in public schools are made in accordance with the Northern Territory Department of Education Enrolment Policy and Procedures which include age, visa status and educational needs (see links below).
  • Parents/and or care givers of children accepted into Karama School are expected to adhere to the ethos and values of the school as set out in the Karama School Enrolment Package.
  • We have an inclusive enrolment policy for children with medical conditions/and or disabilities.
  • No children will be deprived of an education because of the financial difficulties or socio-economic status of their family.
  • New and continued enrolment are at the discretion of the Principal


To provide an efficient process of enrolment that supports the needs of both students and the school.


  • Students enrolling at our school as part of a preschool intake will be required to provide proof of age and an immunisation certificate.
  • Evidence of age and full-time enrolment at the interstate school must be provided if from interstate.
  • Students will be allocated to classes according to a combination of class size and student need.
  • The Principal will contact Principals of previous schools of all students seeking transfers to discuss the circumstances of the transfer and to discuss any academic or behavioural matters.

Useful Links

NT Department of Education – Enrolment Policy

Australian Government – Department of Education & Training www.education.gov.au

Student Enrolment Procedure

Front Office Staff

  1. Welcome new family to Karama Primary School.
  2. Ascertain if :
    1. Student has attended any others school/s in the Northern Territory?
  3. Provide them with Karama School enrolment package and stress the importance of returning it completed before the student commencement date
  4. Inform new family that they require a meeting with the Principal or Assistant Principal before enrolment is accepted.
  5. If possible give new family a time to come back for their enrolment meeting (normally the next day)

When Returning for Enrolment Interview

  • Check all forms are completed in the Karama Primary School enrolment package.
  • Copy birth certificate or passport and immunisation paperwork

Principal/Assistant Principal

  • Contact previous school/s attended in the Northern Territory or interstate.
  • Ask (questions to consider) about child’s
    • Behaviour/ if identified as special needs
    • Attendance pattern
    • Academic ability
    • Complete the ‘New Student Enrolment’ form (U:\Teacher Public\Policy Documents)
  • Assign student/s to a class/es
  • Inform the new family of child/ren’s classes, teacher’s name and start date.
  • Provide tour of the school

Post Interview

  • Front office staff provide information about purchasing of book pack, uniforms and hat.
  • Details entered into the school data base (SAMS)
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