STEM_ed is an initiative designed to combine the study of science, technology and mathematics. We believe strongly that we are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world by sculpting students to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce. STEM_ed skills are recognised of increased importance for the jobs of the future.

About the program

STEM_ed is a unique opportunity for students who display ability and aptitude in science, technology and mathematics to come together, to create, innovate and develop projects and solutions to current and future world challenges.

The program aims to develop higher order thinking skills in students that enable them to communicate with a variety of audiences, solve problems in an innovative manner, be confident users of different technologies and work effectively as part of a team.

STEM_ed aims to encourage students to think beyond what they thought was possible in the average classroom context. To think bigger about the work they engage with to understand what it means and how they can apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of contexts.

Students are provided weekly lessons of STEM_ed class time  which will enable them to invest time every day to plan, design, test, present their findings and contribute to their projects and workshops. 

Some of the key elements that make up the STEM_ed course include:

  • Ensuring the projects have real world applications
  • The projects are linked with relevant subject outcomes
  • Appropriately scaffolding the learning for relevant age groupings
  • Resourcing each unit
  • Development of time/action plans
  • Regular in-house feedback
  • Presentation and formal feedback from industry professionals    
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