Please read in conjunction with the Department of Education’s Administration of Medications to students with notified medical conditions. 

Please read in conjunction with the DoE Administration of Medications to Students with Notified Medical Conditions Policy.

Any medication to be given to students must be accompanied by the following forms:

  • Medication instructions from prescribing doctor. This form must be completed and signed by a registered medical practitioner.
  • Medication request by Parent/Carer for student with notified medical condition. This form is to be completed by the adult responsible for the student.
  • All medication must be presented in its original packaging with clearly labelled student name, dosage & any additional information.

Any student with a diagnosed medical condition requiring the administration of approved medication will need a Health Care Plan. A HCP should be completed in consultation with the Medication Administration Officer, Parent/carer and the Principal or his/her proxy. Please use the DoE’s Student’s Health Care Plan proforma.

  • Student medical information is also be included in the student’s file (SRF) and entered into the Student Administration Management System (SAMS).

The administration of medication to a student should be noted on the Medication Administration Form which also contains student personal information and medical instructions.

The School will ensure that at least one staff member is appropriately trained to administer student medication as required.

Each time medication is given the date, total count, #No given, #No left, time given and signature of medication officer should be noted. It is important that the medication officer cross check the labelling and dosage with the medication administration record details each time medication is administered.

All medication and paperwork pertaining to student medication must be kept in an individual named file within locked cabinet.  If there is a change in student medication, paperwork should be checked and where necessary changed to reflect the new medication regime.